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At Vation, we provide Innovators a Path to Success. Our clients have innovative investments, solutions, and go to markets to support one another. The purpose of our blog is to further create the Vation Community. Today, the world of high tech has many disparate communities. We have the investment community, the startup community, the channel community and end user communities. Each community has a set of norms and activities to support it, but we have lacked the ability to become ONE community from Investor to End User to eliminate the friction of the old pipeline business model. The Vation model is a community of these communities that shares the desire to rapidly innovate to result in innovation getting to market quickly, and profitably for all.

At Vation, we provide both a platform, the Vation Innovation Platform (VIP), to connect all parties in real time, but also a set of consultative services that enable all the parties to better serve one another. The “The Vation Nation’s” strength is its relationships across the value chain, and the conversations we enable. Our blog will be a site for you to learn from one another, and participate in the dialogue driving innovation in technology and go to market.

We encourage you to follow Vation and participate in the Vation Nation’s community in the VIP.


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