The importance of integration and is aPaaS the Future?

Every company, big and small, is collecting and reviewing how their massive amounts of data can transverse between all their software, application and analytics platforms. Integrations across different platforms can increase profitability, efficiency and drive toward competitive advantage by streamlining operations. In today's technology market, it is smarter to use existing integrations as opposed to creating custom integrations, primarily due to speed to market and overhead. There are 3 main categories for integrations today:

  • iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) -- iPaaS is defined as a cloud services suite helping with the development, execution and governance of integration flows connecting any on-prem or cloud-based applications. This allows data to reside anywhere and be integrated across multiple platforms.

  • aPaaS (Application Platform as a Service) -- aPaaS is defined as a cloud computing service model that allows for rapid development and deployment of applications. aPaaS allows the business to create applications rapidly based on business demand as it automates the application lifecycle - often allowing business users to create applications as well.

  • SaaS (Software as a Service) -- SaaS is defined as a software distribution and licensing model in which third-party services are provided over licensing/subscription models via the internet. Applications that live on-prem can be integrated with SaaS products to allow the constant flow of data.

Quick integrations to deliver streamlined operations and analytics platforms are more important than ever before. Determining the right integration strategy will be completely dependent on where the data lives, what the desired business outcome is and how the business needs the data to flow between different platforms.

Outside of the integration use case, aPaaS seems to be the future of application development. With the rapid deployment of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) within business applications, aPaaS could be the next monumental shift. We believe that anyone will be able to create an application in the future by leveraging aPaaS technologies. Imagine this: You are a business user (not technical). Within an aPaaS solution, you simply type (or vocalize) what you are looking for out of the application. AI develops the code and delivers an out of the box application in real time…that will be game changing!

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