We provide innovation a path to success.

Founded in January 2017, we noticed inefficiency in how innovative companies were reaching end customers. The reality is that yesterday’s models for cooperation and competition have shifted, and the real opportunity was driving better outcomes for the entire ecosystem with tools and services that enable rapid success at scale through innovation. Vation’s platform (VIP), services, and community of councils and sessions encourage collaboration, education and open communication to improve time-to-market and profitability for our members.


Dave O'Callaghan

Managing Partner

Focused on building a dynamic firm with the high-tech value channel of strategic manufactures, distributers, and resellers. Dave is a professor at the University of Denver.

Joe O'Callaghan

Partner & Co-Founder

Focused on delivering an innovative platform across the value chain of high tech. Joe has an MBA focused on Business Intelligence from The University of Denver.

Jessica Stone


Focused on creating a strong community of Technology Executives across the country. Jessica is a super-connector who holds an MBA focused in Customer Experience Management from the University of Denver.