We reshape the way you innovate.

Every organization is constantly looking for a competitive edge and the ability to adapt to rapid change. That’s why you need a team of experts who understand the latest technologies and trends better than anyone else.

At Vation Ventures we help innovative companies successfully navigate the emerging technology landscape to support their growth journey and stay ahead of the competition.

The ecosystem we’ve built and solutions we offer are utilized by Fortune 500 companies, Venture Capital firms, start-ups, channel partners, OEMs and end customers across the globe - to invest in new ideas, improve how they do business, and drive performance.

Every day we help forward-thinking leaders reshape how they innovate, providing them with access to powerful tools, technologies, and an ecosystem unlike anything currently in the market.

This includes our research platform that enables companies to instantly source leading technologies, our bespoke innovation and go-to-market consulting services, and our global community of CXOs, VCs and entrepreneurs.

By partnering with Vation Ventures you no longer face your journey alone - we can help your organization realize the benefits of innovation, outperform the competition, and become tomorrow’s industry leader.

Our Partners

Dave O'Callaghan

Dave O'Callaghan

Managing Partner

Dave has spent thirty-nine years as a senior executive in large tech corporations and seven years consulting to large corporations, including, Hitachi, Cisco, and VMWare. Dave is also a professor at the University of Denver.

Jessica Stone

Jessica Stone


Jessica’s expertise comes from almost a decade of fostering CXO relationships and leading events across domestic and international large corporations. Jessica is the head our events business, including The Innovation Advisory Councils, Innovation Roundtable Sessions, Innovation Summits, and bespoke events.

Joe O'Callaghan

Joe O'Callaghan

Partner & Co-Founder

Joe has over twelve years working with large enterprise clients supplying technical needs and advising on business solutions leveraging technology. Joe has extensive experience working with Fortune 500 companies including, DaVita, CenturyLink, American Express, Comcast, Charter Communications, and Optum.