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A single pane of glass for innovation.

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Discover innovative technologies

Stop browsing multiple sources of information to uncover funding insights, product offerings, security ratings, and research content—our platform brings everything together in one location.

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World-class insights

Our platform is updated continuously with industry-leading landscape reports from our research analysts. Follow reports in real-time and build your own, leveraging our insights as a foundation.

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Make innovation a team sport

Being innovative is challenging, especially trying to tackle it alone. Our platform brings together teams across an organization to become the single source of truth for your research and discovery of technologies and partners.

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Move from insights to action

Our Platform enables you with the ability to generate collaborative lists, matrices, and custom reports to move from insights to action—triage technology evaluation using the processes that work best for your team.

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Live access to our analysts

We provide direct live chat access to our expert analysts to answer your questions in real-time. Leverage our team as an extension of your team to uncover insights, highlight solution areas, or simplify complexities.

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Multiple integrations

We have Partnerships with multiple leading data providers from funding, revenue, leadership, cybersecurity, attack surface, and other metrics that give you a complete 360-degree view.

Dive into the unknown with Explore

You don't know what you don't know, and that's why we built Explore as a way to understand high-level landscapes all the way down to specific use-cases and the specific companies that make up the use-cases.

Uncover and pick the best technologies and solutions.

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Get facts that matter, quickly.

Our Platform unifies insights across multiple data sources, integrations, and our proprietary insights to give you a complete picture.

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Visualize and prioritize technologies.

Leverage our industry-leading research to build the foundation of your technology discovery insights. Build a technology evaluation and prioritization model that is unique to your organization.

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Generate Custom Reports
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Industry-leading research at your fingertips

Our Platform includes access to global reports published by our research analysts breaking down trending topics, approaches, and innovative companies who are leading the way in the topic area.

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