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Vation provides a community of innovators a tool to reach across the value chain so that they can more easily evaluate, learn, share and communicate with others — so that innovation can reach the market more quickly. Our approach is to give everyone a seat at the table, using the Vation Innovation Platform, or VIP. Vation helps companies get past the key hurdle of rapid, effective collaboration across the entire ecosystem — allowing access and knowledge to be shared, and ultimately helping customers tap innovation more easily.

The Goal:

Getting Innovation to Market More Quickly

Adoption of innovative technology typically follows a familiar curve — but today more and more customers (and the integrators and partners who assist them) are seeing earlier access to technology to get the benefits of technology advances more quickly. This shift in market adoption is forcing the business model to evolve as there are more early adopters than ever before.

Innovation’s Go-to-Market Problem

The traditional “Pipeline Model” is the typical go-to-market strategy today. The problem is structural; each stakeholder is limited by their position, resulting in limited sharing of ideas and resources.

There’s A Better Way. The Vation Solution.

The Vation Innovation Platform (VIP) is the most efficient method to market, bringing all the expertise together to share information and resources.


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