Picking the right GTM strategy is complex.

Our financial model is easy.

We've packed decades of go-to-market experience into one calculator to enable you with the ability to qualify all the different GTM variables backed by your data, not some template.

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Everything you need to validate your go-to-market strategy.

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Industry Tested & Backed By Data

Our financial model enables any company to put in their own data and come up with a go-to-market answer.

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Demystify The Channel

Our model takes the mystery out of the channel. Reverse the channel tax perception and turn it into an annuity.

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Qualify Go-To-Market Variables

See head-to-head comparisons for direct to consumer, single-tier indirect, and the two-tier distribution-focused partner-led indirect model.


Analyze your EBITDA, COGS, and SG&A across three GTM models.

1 tier distribution donut chart
1 tier distribution donut chart
2 tier distribution donut chart
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Drill down internal full-time employee productivity over time.


Detailed breakdown of income statements leveraging current and projected growth rate.

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A $1 billion-plus hardware maker showed a 64% increase in EBITDA to 46% in a two-tier distribution model compared with 28% in a direct model and 39% in a single-tier direct to VAR model.


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A hybrid technology company taking advantage of a two-tier distribution showed a 50% increase in EBITDA to 33% compared with 22% for a direct route-to-market and 27% for a single-tier model.


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An emerging technology software company, showed a 13% increase in EBITDA with a two-tier distribution model to 79% compared with 70% for a direct model and 73% for a single-tier model.

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