Research as a Service.

Your business is unique, so why wouldn't your research be the same?

Research as a Service powered by Vation Intelligence provides you with experts who work as an extension of your team to help you focus on tomorrow, not the trailing indicators of yesterday. The pace of digitalization and innovation isn't slowing down, neither should your research.

What are the challenges with research today?

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Research is too expensive

Large organizations end up paying legacy research providers because they feel they have no other options. Prices are not cost-effective for smaller businesses trying to leverage research for their team.

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Research is too slow

With the pace of innovation today, research is already stale by the time quarterly reports are published. Additionally, large research firms focus on more established companies and often exclude the small gems that will change the industry over the next decade.

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Research is too one-size-fits-all

Every organization has precise needs and details that are unique to them. The one-size-fits-all collective grouping of research doesn't work. Your team shouldn't have to adapt research to your business; research should be specific to your business.

How does Research as a Service help you?

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Research for startups

Not every high-output startup team has the time, resources, or skills to do in-depth research. We help startups make smarter business decisions by providing the research they need to navigate on their growth journey, enabling them to focus on what’s important—building a scaling business.

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Research for business executives

In today’s world, it’s table stakes for business leaders to stay on the cutting edge of technology. We give technology leaders the flexibility to access research when and how they need it. We provide business executives access to the latest research on current and emerging technologies and in-depth industry topics from a wide range of perspectives.

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Research for channel partners

Our research capabilities empower distributors and resellers to deeply understand technology trends through clear, unbiased, and actionable technology insights to identify an increased number of winners in their offerings.

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Research for venture capital firms

We help venture capital firms with technology research because we know they need extensive in-depth information when evaluating the viability of an investment. From assessing key technologies and trends to analyzing market data or engaging with other participants, our team is committed to providing unique research and insights that give your firm and your portfolio companies a competitive advantage.

Our Research as a Service Offerings

Clients deserve the highest level of personalized service — both in how they interact with us and how we work on their behalf. We are proud of our unique, customized research abilities to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Intel Briefs

Intel Briefs are designed to provide you with executive intelligence in approximately 10-15 pages so that you can spend less time combing through lengthy reports and more time understanding how insights impact your business. Created by our expert analysts, Intel Briefs provide a high-level view of trends, challenges, key players, and an outlook on a focused topic of your choosing. Intel Briefs come in a digestible and tailored format to fit your specific research needs.

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Intel Reports

Intel Reports provide our clients with an extensive, in-depth, and tailored research report addressing a specific topic area. We work as an extension of your team to hone in on topics that would be the most beneficial for decision-making and solving our client’s most pressing business challenges. Intel Reports enables organizations with the proper due diligence to build confidence and make smarter business decisions.

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Intel Market Analysis

Our Intel Market Analysis is designed to provide you with a clear understanding of a specific market. We break down the overall market, performance, funding information, competitive landscape, technology trends, space for innovation, and the future market outlook. Our expert analysts have a deep understanding of both legacy and emerging technology companies to provide you with today’s insights and the insights that will shape the market’s future.

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Expert Calls

We provide our client’s a way into our ecosystem of experts and experienced executives from the world’s leading companies. Our team matches you with subject-matter experts on-demand to get your answers faster. Expert calls allow you to leverage the collective insights of our extensive global network and reach key executives to ensure you feel confident in the direction you’re moving and gain a second opinion about a complex business decision, technological evaluation, market trends, or investment perspectives.

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Discover what we can do for you.

How we can help you stay ahead of change.

Our team is committed to helping business leaders understand how to harness the combination of social, technological, economic, environmental, and political trends shaping the future. Through a combination of deep industry expertise, strong research skills, and a hyper-focus on emerging technologies, we provide proven actionable insights that can make a difference in your organization’s future.

Research as a Service for your business.

We treat our clients as partners—we're equally invested in their endeavors. We view your business from your perspective because we want to help our clients solve their challenges as if they were our own.

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Six One Degree of Separation

Our Research as a Service clients have direct access to our expert analysts and our unmatched network. With our global Innovation Advisory Councils, channel relationships, and partnerships with leading venture capital firms, we provide a genuinely holistic approach to providing you with unmatched insights.

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