Research as a Service:
Intel Briefs

Intel Briefs are designed to provide you with executive intelligence in approximately 10-15 pages so that you can spend less time combing through lengthy reports and more time understanding how insights impact your business.

The goal of Intel Briefs is to ensure that you get timely, precise, and concise research on the most impactful and uncertain trends that could affect your business and market.

We're an extension of your team

Our agile Vation Intelligence expert analysts have a pulse on technology developments to quickly deliver critical information to assist your team. We know that technology trends are dynamic – our research capabilities are too.

We provide consumable insights

We approach research in a way that takes complex matters and extensive research and compresses findings into an actionable brief that organizations can utilize to make informed decisions quickly.

We take a tailored approach

We ask specific questions to gain a deep understanding of your business objectives fast and ensure we deliver a precise intelligence brief relevant to pending decisions that accelerate the achievement of your business goals.


Intel Briefs provide a high-level view of trends, challenges, key players, and an outlook on a focused topic of your choosing. Intel Briefs come in a digestible and tailored format to fit your specific research needs.

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What's included in an Intel Brief?


Our analysts provide our clients with a comprehensive overview of the selected topic. We provide key terms and definitions, the current structure and environment, and fundamental elements to ensure our clients have an extensive understanding of the context necessary to make wise decisions surrounding their chosen topic.

Business Impacts

Business impacts address a topic’s importance, benefits, and challenges to an organization or industry. We provide our clients with invaluable insights on where change is expected, who will be affected by it, and what actions are required to help prepare for it. This thorough research allows you to move forward confidently, knowing you have a complete picture of business impacts.


Our analysts work within the emerging technology landscape daily, keeping a finger on the pulse of disruption. We provide our clients with the research needed to understand what approaches established vendors are focused on within the topic area and how emerging technology companies are approaching various solutions.

Market Map & Landscape

Our research team has established criteria and segmentations to compile relevant technologies within the landscape into a format that provides our clients with a visual understanding of the landscape and where individual companies reside within it. The Vation Intelligence Market Map visualizes in-depth analyses and keeps you aware of where the market is going, its lifecycle stage, and the players in the space.

Industry Investment Trends

Industry trends answer the question of where the deals and dollars flow within various market segments. By highlighting the financing trends within the focus area, our expert research analysts identify where change is occurring and then analyze why. Our deep relationships with venture capital and private equity firms also provide our Intelligence team with extensive insights and perspectives into the disruptive changes that can shape the future of a topic area.

Future State

Our dedicated researchers who focus on strategic foresight techniques and scenario planning frameworks help our clients react faster to changes in the marketplace and even anticipate or lead change to better position their business. Our analysts highlight the STEEP drivers of change paired with the voice of the customer to illustrate multiple potential future outlooks and scenarios, empowering our clients to execute strategy with confidence and the ability to make educated decisions at trigger points for change.

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