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A global network of C-level executives

Join an exclusive global network of over 1,000 leading technology executives who meet to share insights and build partnerships, while gaining exposure to and advising early-stage companies.

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Shaping the business of tomorrow

Innovation Advisory Council members collaborate on real world challenges to not only drive their own company’s innovation but to help shape the technologies of tomorrow.

Why join the Innovation Advisory Council?

Share. Innovate. Grow.

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More than just networking

The Council provides a truly unique opportunity to not only build a peer network with leading global executives, but also empowers Council Members to have their input, guidance and feedback heard help shape the direction of early-stage innovative technologies.

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Maintain a competitive advantage

With exclusive access to over 1,000 of today’s most influential technology leaders, VC firms, and entrepreneurs you can accelerate your own innovation and stay one step ahead of the competition.

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Tailored to your industry

In addition to location-based membership, we also cater to specific industry verticals, including Financial Services, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Higher Education, Hospitality and Retail. Gain actionable insights specifically targeted to your market and customers.

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Connect with leading VC firms

Members have direct access to top venture capital firms who share their insights at each Council meeting. Understand the latest investment strategies and new technologies directly from the funding sources.

Featured emerging technologies

Featured VC firms

With access to some of the world’s most successful technology leaders, VC firms, and entrepreneurs, you can harness the latest thinking to innovate faster and smarter.

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A global community of over 1,000 senior IT executives driving innovation.

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Industry Verticals

In addition to our location-based councils, we have councils for specific vertical markets. Connect with global peers discussing common trends, catered emerging technology exposure, and VC insights tailored towards particular verticals.

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