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Our sparkLAB program helps companies solve current problems leveraging the technologies of tomorrow.

Innovation is growing exponentially and organizations of all sizes
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Businesses don't have the time, resources, expertise, or network to deliver the
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The world's leading companies rely on our sparkLAB program to help them identify and solve complex problems using innovative technologies.

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Save Time

sparkLAB dramatically streamlines the processes organizations go through when looking to emerging technology to solve business problems. We've developed frameworks, intake assessments, and methodology refining these with years of expertise.

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Lower Costs

Try and add up the time your company spends on defining problems, attempting to research the landscape, reaching out for demos, scheduling meetings... you're burning cash left and right by allocating hours away from your core business functions. We can help.

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Better Results

You're probably not in the business of innovation, and that's ok. But we are, and that's why organizations lean on our expertise to complement their team. Our ecosystem enables us to bypass the bottlenecks and deliver you solutions that work the first time.

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Staying on top of new technologies is a constant battle for organizations - we can help.

You're focused on your business in the same way we're focused on innovation and trends in technology because that is our business. We offset the immense time, research, and costs you spend on identifying technologies to solve your organization's problems. We have built our extensive relationships over decades with global venture capital firms, startups, distributors, OEMs, VARs, and end-customers to ensure we're on the pulse of tomorrow.


Everything you need to accelerate innovative ideas and technologies across your organization.

We take an agnostic approach to provide solutions for your organization because we know that each company is specific in the way they do business and utilize technology. We work across industries and organizations of all sizes, enabling us to give you a holistic, outside-in perspective to solve complex challenges while identifying future innovation opportunities.

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A full-cycle process built to drive big wins for your business.

Identifying potential technologies to help you solve challenges for your organization is a significant first step, but where do you go from there? Our sparkLAB program provides clients with the services and tools needed to evaluate technologies, run multiple proofs-of-concept, and make strategic business decisions on the best fit for their organization.


One platform to unify your innovation community across your organization.

Your team probably lacks visibility and faces ambiguity around those working on similar innovation projects across the organization. Businesses are dramatically hampered when their teams work in silos and cannot share knowledge across the organization. sparkLAB leverages the Vation Innovation Platform to provide a single source of truth, bringing all the key players onto one field, saving time and fostering a stronger innovation community.

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Our sparkLAB program
is the only start-to-finish solution
your organization needs.

We'll walk you through it.

Defined Problem Statement

We take the time to work deep within your organization to discover insights and the challenges you're facing and craft a defined problem statement and robust criteria framework to ensure a hyper-targeted approach to identifying emerging technology solutions. For companies looking to go on offense against disruption, we design a program with your team to plan for proactive breakthrough solutions you never even knew existed.

Expert Research & Identified Solutions

As we align on a criteria matrix and defined problem, our sparkLAB research team will do the heavy lifting for you in identifying the best solutions that fit your organization's goals. We don't just work with one VC firm or accelerator and show you a selective portfolio; we'll build you a complete, unbiased picture because that's what's best for your business. We have extensive connections across the immense technology ecosystem we've created and, in doing so, we cut out the back and forth demo requests, wasting time with SDRs and AEs and accelerate the conversation for your organization with the right people for the right solution.

Pre-Proof-of-Concept Assessments

We help accelerate the testing of cutting-edge platforms by ensuring each potential test meets or exceeds the innovation tenets. Our pre-proof-of-concept assessments are a series of intakes that drive higher success rates for our sparkLAB clients by defining four critical proof-of-concept elements, including the scope & approach, success criteria, people & resources, and the technical requirements needed to deploy the proof-of-concept. We take that a step further and defining and identifying the areas of feasibility, viability, and desirability.

Deployed Proofs-of-Concept

The sparkLAB program provides clients with the ability to run proofs-of-concepts themselves while still leveraging all the added benefits of our pre and post Lab assessments. For those clients who are interested in offloading the technical needs, our sparkLAB partners can deploy dedicated sandbox environments to test potential solutions without creating direct connectivity to your environment. We have extensive experience in building and configuring sandbox environments, managing IAM, and integrating SSO capabilities.

Post-Proof-of-Concept Assessments

Finding technology solutions is only half the battle; coming to a decisive business solution that is best for the organization is a complicated matter. Our post-proof-of-concept assessments have a mix of quantitative and qualitative feedback questions to drive action out of testing. We provide you with the ability to quickly prioritize and add weighted scoring to specific criteria to make the decision process tailored, hyper-efficient, and transparent.

Solution Implementation

We offer enterprise sparkLAB clients direct access to our extensive global systems integrator network who can help deploy and launch specified solutions organization-wide for those who want the full start-to-finish implementation of selected technology solutions.

An All-In-One Platform to Manage Your Successes

See real-time activity, upcoming shared POC tasks, active POCs, completed POCs, and shared files in one place. We drive a culture of innovation by tracking team stats and new organization connectivity across your company with the Vation Innovation Platform.

You're in good company.

Our clients and community make up of some of the most innovative and impactful companies of today.

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sparkLAB is built for companies
who have a passion for success.

Case Study:

American healthcare company with 50k employees sought new tools and resources to serve a national hospital-based physician network; the client sought to create new-to-the-world services and thereby investigated emerging technology companies for partnerships. Vation Ventures curated and introduced the client to 10 companies in a one-day workshop with two VC Firms. Five companies were selected for further POC investigation over six months.

Two companies were chosen for partnership; the selection criteria was primarily centered around customer experience requirements and new concepts. The client acquired one of the final partner companies to bring a new service to their growing physician network; the client noted the disruptive approach to the physician care workflow as a reason to bring the team and technology in- house.
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Case Study:

Multi-billion-dollar U.S. telecommunications and media firm with nearly 100k employees was seeking to learn from disruptive technology companies in the portfolios of top Silicon Valley V.C. firms. The ultimate objective was to select up to five companies. Vation Ventures introduced the client to 20 curated organizations based upon a mutually developed criteria by executive leadership and Vation Ventures.

After leveraging POCs, the client selected three companies to form strategic partnerships, creating workstreams to engage around disruptive technology, disruptive business models, and disruptive customer experiences. The client ultimately incorporated two of the three technologies into customer-facing offerings after extensive testing and integrations with existing systems.
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Case Study:

U.S. based global technology distribution firm with revenue of $40 billion regularly investigates emerging technology companies to find new technology resale opportunities.

Vation Ventures introduced the client to ten companies in a one-day workshop. The evaluation criteria were standard across all presenting companies, including technology overview, business model review, and evaluation of the disruption value of the emerging technology companies.

The client selected one of the ten companies to test go-to-market viability and engage in an extensive evaluation process.

This ultimately resulted in a billion-dollar revenue stream given the innovative solution and market disruption capabilities in the storage backup management sector.
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Prep Call

We'll schedule a call with key stakeholders on your team to understand and craft the wants and needs to tailor our approach to the chosen topic (e.g. embedded analytics).
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Landscape Presentation From Topic Expert

We will identify a topic expert from either a VC firm, an applicable CXO in our network, or our research arm to provide you with a landscape overview of the topic.
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Half-Day Innovation Briefing

Our team will identify 4-6 emerging technology companies and coordinate a half-day briefing to showcase solutions.
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4 Briefings

APEX Workshop

The APEX Workshops are a multi-series deep dive into your organization and building a clear picture to flush out business challenges and identify innovation opportunities.
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Custom Research Reports

Leverage our intelligence team for custom research reports for your organization.
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Tailored Technology Presentations For Your Organization

Following our APEX workshops, our team takes your unique use cases and problem statements and works with emerging technology companies on tailoring their presentation to your exact, defined needs.
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Dedicated Project Management Support

Assigned team members from our sparkLAB program to serve as a dedicated point of contact to oversee the program from engagement start to end.
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Peer Learning Sessions

Hosted peer learning sessions featuring a group of CXOs and other leaders who have in-depth topic experience to help guide you and your team.
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Deploy full-scale POCs for your organization with customizable configured environments providing you with the tools you need to build a secure POC  for your company and vendors.
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Proof-of-Concept Assessments

Handcrafted pre and post-POC intake and evaluation assessments to deploy for your organization.
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Custom Dashboards to Track KPIs

Bespoke dashboards for your business to track the start to finish cycle of innovation, identifying opportunities, bottlenecks, and wins.
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Enterprise Add-Ons

Choose from an assortment of enterprise add-ons including our renowned culture workshops, the future of leadership programs, and upskilling initiatives.
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Vation Innovation Platform Subscriptions

Tens of thousands of companies and users leverage our platform to help them stay at the forefront of technology and connect to their peers. We're your single source across your organization for innovation.
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