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Intel Reports

Intel Reports provide our clients with an extensive, in-depth, and tailored research report addressing a specific topic area. Our insights enable organizations with the proper due diligence to build confidence and make smarter business decisions.

Knowing what’s driving change or disrupting the market is an essential element of staying ahead of the competition – our Intel Reports deliver this in a cost-effective and timely manner.

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Custom-tailored research to provide the specific insights you need to have the confidence to invest in, partner with, or adopt a new technology or ideology.
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Our Intelligence team enables clients with the information they need to discover what factors are driving change and disrupting the market.
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Dedicated Vation Intelligence analysts who function as an extension of your team, working with you to ensure your Intel Report fits your research needs.


We work as an extension of your team to hone in on topics that would be the most beneficial for decision-making and solving our client’s most pressing business challenges.

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What's included in an Intel Report?

Overview & Current State

Our Intel Reports begin by breaking down what defines the topic in the market, what makes it unique, and the size of the opportunity it presents, including key capabilities and potential use cases. Our analysts provide key terms and definitions, the current structure and environment, and fundamental elements to ensure our clients have an extensive understanding of the context necessary to make wise decisions surrounding their chosen topic.

Market Trend Analysis

The Market Trend Analysis captures the dynamic state of the market through rigorous primary and secondary research, synthesizing qualitative and quantitative data to provide a thorough view of the market. We dissect the overall market, performance, funding information, competitive landscape, technology trends, and space for innovation. Our expert analysts deeply understand both legacy and emerging technology companies to provide our clients with today’s insights and the insights that will shape tomorrow.

Future Outlook

Looking at tomorrow’s landscape is key to keeping up with the fast pace of technology. The Future State provides an outlook of what the future could hold for our clients concerning their Intelligence Report topic. Our dedicated researchers who focus on strategic foresight techniques and scenario planning frameworks help our clients react faster to changes in the marketplace and even anticipate or embrace change to better position their business. Our analysts highlight the social, technological, economic, environmental, and political drivers of change paired with the voice of the customer to illustrate multiple potential future outlooks and scenarios, empowering our clients to execute strategy with confidence and the ability to make educated decisions at trigger points for change. This enables clients to remain resilient in the face of change, continue to innovate, and accelerate transformation.

Development Timeline

The technology development timeline is an invaluable segment of our Intel Reports for clients seeking to understand the many factors that influence the evolution of a topic, how it’s changing, and where it’s headed. We show the evolution of a particular focus from its inception to modern-day advancements while also illustrating potential future developments based on current R&D, investments, and product offerings from promising emerging technology companies. Our analysts map the technology development path linearly from past to present, then show divergences through multiple pathways and scenarios when approaching a topic’s future potential.

Vation Outlook

Our Vation Outlook turns our client’s in-depth research reports into hyper-focused, bespoke insights. We deliver a thorough breakdown of where to go next through primary research findings, expert analyst perspectives, technology roadmaps, V-Score plotting, and radar analysis. Vation Intelligence equips our clients with exclusive insights and data unlike anything on the market. Our expert analysts partner closely with organizations throughout the technology ecosystem, providing access to unique viewpoints of each sector to deliver an unparalleled perspective on a chosen topic for our clients.

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