Abbi Agana

Abbi Agana

Vice President of Strategy and Transformation (UK/I)


The Adecco Group

Abbi is the VP of Strategy and Transformation at Adecco and has over 18 years experience of delivering Human centred, Data driven Business/ Digital Transformation at scale, in highly regulated, customer centred industries.

Abbi has an MBA in Strategic Management and Identifying and Delivering value through Data and believes that strategically aligned Data and Technology strategies are essential for addressing the complex multi faceted challenges that businesses face today and fdelivering true customer centred, business led Digital Transformation.

Previous roles that Abbi has held include, Director of Business Excellence and Innovation,  Chief Operating Officer and Director of Data and Analytics Transformation programme, roles in which designed Stategies  and created and led high performing Digital , Data and analytics and Transformation teams.

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