Anthony Perera

Anthony Perera

Chief Data and Analytics Officer


La Trobe University

Anthony Perera, as the Chief Data and Analytic Officer at La Trobe University, stands at the forefront of integrating data-driven innovation within the academic sector. His extensive background in computer science and data analytics underpins a career dedicated to enhancing organisational growth strategies and operational efficiencies through sophisticated data strategies. At La Trobe, Anthony spearheads efforts to weave analytics into the fabric of university decision-making, championing a culture that values data-informed insights across all operations. His tenure is distinguished by a commitment to ethical data practices and a drive to foster data literacy, ensuring the university not only leads in educational excellence but also sets standards in responsible data use.

Before joining La Trobe University, Anthony Perera cultivated a rich professional journey that spanned various industries, including technology, finance, and healthcare, where he led numerous high-profile analytics projects. This diverse experience equipped him with a deep understanding of how data can be used to drive change and foster innovation across different contexts.

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