Barry Carter

Barry Carter

Vice President Of Infrastructure, Cloud, Operations, and Call Centers



As a Senior Technology Executive, and Visionary Change Agent, I am at my best transforming businesses and technologies to enhance operational and financial performance, deliver multi-million-dollar cost savings, drive business innovation, and create scalable infrastructures. Those I have worked with will tell you that I am a versatile leader with strong technical acumen and a passion for business process optimization and cost efficiency, who provides calm and steady leadership in challenging cultures and turnaround environments where other leaders dare not tread. Over the course of my career, I have been particularly effective in growing revenue and profitability, lowering costs, improving efficiency, and optimizing IT performance to consistently improving the competitive position of the companies I have served. Some notable contributions include:

• Substantially raising B2B e-commerce revenues at AirTran by resolving global distribution issues and optimizing reservation systems capabilities. Generating millions of dollars in revenue by securing outsourcing deals with leaders in Banking and Insurance.
• Cutting loan application processing time from 20 minutes to <10 seconds while scaling the infrastructure to handle 400% increase in loan originations.
• Building the Check-in system for American Airlines. Improving the stability of AirTran operations while implementing pricing and yield management systems.
• Stabilizing the IT infrastructure at EFG and transforming the call center into an award-winning unit.
• Developing an award-winning organization at Alliance Data Systems complete with Service Catalog and delivery capabilities below most outsourcers.

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