Throughout my career, I have worked to establish a reputation of exceptional leadership based on a devotion to continual learning. My style is centered on a commitment to people, and a desire to mentor others. I believe that high-performing teams achieve success by enabling talent to reach their greatest potential. The teams I’ve led have operated under these principles; Do the right thing, teamwork and trust, and have a passion for winning — in that order.

Within my professional network, I am widely viewed as a gifted business and technical leader with a well- tuned intuition for building and maintaining business success, and technology alignment. As a business- centric visionary, I have a history of delivering innovative and disruptive solutions within highly productive enterprise Information Technology operations that extend beyond national boundaries.
I am committed to demonstrating success by molding the culture of the teams I lead to adopt an attitude focused on service and delivery, transparency, and the ability to communicate across the business. These are essential elements in creating a high-functioning, collaborative, and successful organization. In my view, this leads to establishing the foundation for driving outcomes that result in dramatically better performance and service across the board. I believe innovation is brought to its highest pitch through experience in a wide variety of situations, functions, cultures, and environments.

As a proven executive with a strong business and technical vision, I’ve developed a portfolio of accomplishments that have been validated by real-world performance. I am passionate about delivering world-class, enterprise business and IT operations. My approach to solving business challenges is channeled through the lens of integrity, accountability, and authentic leadership to deliver meaningful and relevant solutions, while mitigating cost and risk.

I have considerable experience with business-technology alignment, leading complex, multi-disciplinary enterprise scale initiatives, and have been very successful in building exemplary technology organizations. Together we have guided business-IT strategy resulting in delivery of numerous innovative software solutions, and enterprise scale solutions. I have extensive experience leading tactical implementation of information and data security initiatives, network and storage infrastructure, digital transformation, cloud strategy, data center operations, and data analytics / business intelligence initiatives.
My experience also includes serving as a key executive team member as CIO with private equity funded, startup ventures. In these engagements, I was afforded the opportunity to apply my technical vision and business focus to increase valuation, achieve revenue and EBITDA targets resulting in three successful exits. I also bring experience in large (Fortune 500) domestic/international companies, not-for-profit organizations, and public-sector service.

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