Charles Griffith

Charles Griffith

Chief Technology Officer


Quiet Platforms

Charles Griffith is the CTO at Quiet Platforms, a supply chain platform democratizing access to best-in-class logistics technology for all retailers.  Charles is a veteran leader with 35 years experience building high performing engineering and product organizations for Fortune 500 companies and startups.  Over the last two decades, Charles has pioneered the re-thinking of supply chain technology.  As Amazon’s VP of Transportation Technology, Charles led Amazon’s  transformation from online retailer to global carrier through the creation of a new transportation platform.  This platform is responsible for orchestrating  Amazon Logistics’ (AMZL) end-to-end delivery network:   last mile delivery, sortation, and line haul management worldwide. In 2014, Charles founded MileZero, a venture backed technology platform, powering last mile delivery and operations for Staples, Harvey Norman, Cub Foods and other retailers.  MileZero was acquired in 2019.  

Charles has also built solutions across a wide range of industries from payments to gaming and holds four patents.

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