Nicholas Skytland

Nicholas Skytland

Chief Technologist


NASA Johnson Space Center

Nick Skytland is the Chief Technologist at the Johnson Space Center (JSC) and Director of the Business Development and Technology Integration Office where he is focused on helping NASA return to the Moon through open innovation, technology development, technology transfer and strategic partnerships.

Skytland started his career as an engineer in the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory training astronauts for space walks. He later served as the Project Manager for the EVA Physiology, Systems, and Performance (EPSP) and Digital Astronaut Project at JSC, Program Manager for the Open Innovation and Data Science programs at HQ and was the Agency Talent and Technology Strategist in the Office of Human Capital Management at NASA HQ where he led transformation and modernization initiatives.

He is an avid adventurer, experienced diver, and a dedicated triathlete who has completed 23 Ironman races.

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