Russell Ollie

Russell Ollie

Vice President, Transformation



Russell joined AT&T in January 2020 in the role of VP, supporting the overall Business Transformation spearheaded by Bill Morrow. Russell's focus at AT&T is the launch and management of a business excellence program that will be responsible for supporting execution of large strategic business improvement initiatives, creating capabilities for problem solving at all levels of the company as part of a multi-year/multi-generation culture change agenda, and eventual development of a hands-on 'management lab' where we will be able to pilot new ways of working hands-on and experience environments that are further along in their change journey.

Russell has over 25 years of experience as an enterprise transformation and business excellence expert. Previously Russell built and managed business transformation or business excellence programs at General Motors, eBay/PayPal, Microsoft, and Toshiba, which delivered a total of more than $15 billion in bottom-line impact.

Prior to his business improvement career, Russell spent several years as a principal managing consultant at KPMG and Sapient after a career start as a software engineer. His most recent role was that of an Expert in Business Transformation with McKinsey & Company.

Russell graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan School of Management with a BSc in management science, minor in finance, and a concentration in cognitive science.

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