Sathish Kumar Rajendiran

Sathish Kumar Rajendiran

Director, Data Strategy & Analytics



Experienced Data & Analytics professional with more than 19 years of experience in the Data Engineering, Business Intelligence and Data Science fields. Since 2004, I've focused on building BI / Data Management competence, having successfully implemented data warehousing and analytics solutions for sales, finance, go-to-market, and commercial teams.

Experience with modern, cloud-based, data technologies across the data stack: data ingestion, pipeline orchestration, data repositories, governance, data security, advanced analytics, and BI.
I've successfully implemented advanced analytics architectures in hosted, GCP/AWS cloud, as well as hybrid models and tackled a wide variety of problems including data quality, sentiment analysis, churn prediction, and other problems. Experienced as a hands-on data engineer and data scientist in building and developing data pipelines, machine learning and statistical models using SQL, Python and R.

In addition, I have been building and mentoring teams and responsible for defining organizational strategies, technology partnership for data organizations to support partners and customers, as well as facilitating the rollout of data & analytics projects throughout the organization. As a manager I have successfully mentored people into leadership roles both within my own organization and outside while maintaining very high employee ratings due to my focus on being empathetic, transparent, and people-oriented leadership.

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