Scott Bendle

Scott Bendle

Chief Information Officer


Rigaku Americas

Chief Information Officer for Rigaku Americas Holding (RAH), a subsidiary of Rigaku Corporation, a Japan based manufacturer of X-Ray based Analytical devices. RAH supports 6 US locations and 3 Europe based locations, providing network, security, communications and ERP services. Our most recent acquisition is in The Netherlands and further supports the case we have made to move more services to the Cloud and SaaS applications.

Scott has been CIO for the last 10 years as Rigaku and led an evolution consolidating from 5 ERP solutions to a single ERP SaaS application and converged our infrastructure from multiple sites to a centralized datacenter, to PaaS solutions and now primarily on SaaS solutions for most mission critical applications.

Previously Scott was the Director of Operations for Rigaku Innovative Technologies, in Auburn Hills, MI for 10 years. Prior to this Scott held positions in Operations, Quality, Information Technology, and Project Management at Magnequench, Sinteris Magnetics, and Hughes Aircraft.

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