Shawn McCarthy

Shawn McCarthy

VP, Global Architecture



Shawn McCarthy has the honor and privilege of leadership and support of the Manulife Global Wealth Asset Management Architecture team.

Shawn is a technologist at heart and has been working with computers from age 12 when his father brought home an Osborne (IBM Clone) computer (with a 10 meg disk drive).  Shawn is a two-time graduate from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) at the University of Colorado.  Those passions have evolved into the design of a Web API course where students learn end-to-end development of a solution using Node, React and Mongo (among other key concepts like enterprise patterns, unit testing, integration testing, and presenting data), and through that expanded support of the student chapters of Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), and the Women in Computer Science (WiCS).  

Shawn started in IT - financial services in 1998, first on Mainframe OS/390 (CICS/Batch, DB2, CA1P) and later working in R&D, Enterprise Architecture within the Digital Space (Web APIs, Modernization, Performance engineering).  Soon after Shawn found a passion for developing people when in 2011 he joined Vantiv to lead a .Net development team focused on building a Prepaid platform, modernizing the technology stack, learning and later leading agile development, and developing patents in batch processing and message queueing business operations, and transformed the organization with a platform and scaled agile approach as Head of APIs and Portals.

Shawn later joined Schwab in 2016 to start and grow the solution architecture, platform architecture, technical strategy and application modernization practice focused on the mission to enable strategic architecture and leveraging cross-enterprise solutions to improve line of business products and services.  This involved new platform capabilities like PCF, Rabbit, Mongo and API Gateways to integrated digital experiences, and establishing a true Web API technical strategy.  Within the Digital space Shawn recreated the architecture practice adopting evolutionary architecture practice partnering with UX (Journey mapping), Product, Marketing and Engineering and establishing a Journey (end-to-end) architecture competency.  More recently establishing the Customer Experience and Operational Excellence team focused on continuous improvement of the practice and ensuring the needs of the engineering teams are being met through patterns, practices, blueprints and transparency into the architecture backlog.

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