Simon Hunt

Simon Hunt

Chief Product Officer



Simon has lead successful 200 person cybersecurity startup fulfilling the roles of PM, VP Eng, VP Support and CTO from inception to $350m exit. He also led Innovation Engineering for a fortune 500 company culminating in defining a completely new market, helped define the product strategy for a $1B cybersec product portfolio, built the first $100m revenue opportunity for a global fintech, acquired and integrated 16 companies, designed multi-year Gartner MQ top-right leading products, and helped hundreds of engineers file their first patents.

Simon is most proud of helping engineers file patents, and his work with graduate recruitment into cybersecurity.

Simon is an experienced technology leader with proven product, innovation, field support and development leadership skills. An expert at aligning short and long-term market demands with engineering, support, and strategic initiatives for greater success.

He is a huge "friend of sales" - someone who excels at in-person customer meetings to help teams broker profitable deals and long customer relationships. I believe "everyone works for sales" and an expert at solving sales vs engineering issues.

Simon has spoken to every size of audience, from intimate lunch-and-learn to auditorium events. He can write copy, press releases, and construct his own presentation flows - and has even written user guides and technical documentation.

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