Sjoerd Blum

Sjoerd Blum




IT/Digital executive. Active and educated in executive and non-executive roles. Execution driven and result focused. Leading Business and IT to new value through innovative thinking.

Energized by transformation. Passionate about people, technology and data. Flourishes in complex, dynamic and people focused environments. Content anchors in Transformation, IT, Digital, Leadership and cyber security.

My area of work has always been on the touch point of Business and IT as this is the area where organizations can make sustainable changes. My motto is "Bring structure, Execute and Learn fast, Deliver results and Have Fun!". From the start of my career, I have been embracing this motto by building new organizations and turning existing organizations around. Leveraging the power of Technology & Data; always in balance with managing the downside as well.

People are my passion; it’s fun to work (hard) together and to connect with people of all different backgrounds. Complex content fascinates me; if it's easy, I am not interested.

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