Accelerating Growth: Bloomfilter's Market Expansion Success with Vation Ventures

"Partnering with Vation Ventures has not only accelerated our market presence but also provided us with a robust platform for sustainable growth. Their ability to connect us with a diverse and influential network has been a game-changer for our business."

Seeing our clients flourish is what we're all about. Bloomfilter, in its first phase of Channels as a Service, is already seeing tangible results. We caught up with Bloomfilter’s Co-CEO to discuss how teaming up with Vation Ventures is catalyzing their business acceleration.

Bloomfilter, founded in 2022, is on a mission to align product teams and business stakeholders on the same page. Bloomfilter is process mining for the software development lifecycle because in 2024, product teams shouldn't still need to guess when new features will ship and how much they'll cost to build. They aren't a developer productivity tool and know software engineering is both an art and a science. Instead, Bloomfilter is focused on using objective analysis to help you improve your processes, eliminate guesswork, and ship more software.

Why Bloomfilter Saw an Opportunity in the Channel

‍The value proposition offered by Bloomfilter's technology is both strong and market-tested, evidenced by a growing portfolio of impressive case studies and outstanding results for its customers. Clients across various industries have experienced firsthand the benefits of integrating Bloomfilter's process mining technology into their software development lifecycle, reporting substantial improvements in project outcomes and operational efficiency.

Partnership Overview: Channels as a Service

“Over the past six months, we've embarked on a journey with Vation Ventures to enhance and accelerate our channel program. Leveraging diverse routes to market—including regional and global Systems Integrators (SIs), as well as connections within the private equity community—Vation has been instrumental in expanding our reach.”

Our engagement with Bloomfilter represents a strategic alliance with a dual-focused objective: to amplify Bloomfilter's go-to-market (GTM) efforts and to act as an extension of their team by providing unparalleled channel expertise. Recognizing the potential in Bloomfilter's innovative process mining technology, we see a clear opportunity to harness our deep-rooted industry connections and market acumen to further Bloomfilter's expansion and accelerate their time to value. Utilizing our comprehensive understanding of the technology landscape to identify and unlock new channels for growth, we are fostering Bloomfilter's market presence and ensuring that their cutting-edge solutions gain the visibility and traction across a global stage.

We leverage our long-standing relationships with regional and global Systems Integrators (SIs), as well as our extensive network within the private equity community, to create new pathways for Bloomfilter's business development. By doing so, we’re extending Bloomfilter's reach into untapped markets and segments that can benefit from their technology. As channel experts, we are poised to navigate the complexities of market penetration and expansion. Our collaboration is designed to be symbiotic, with Vation Ventures serving as the catalyst that ignites Bloomfilter's channel program, driving accelerated growth and enabling them to scale new peaks in innovation and market influence.

Current Direct Impact & Results: Strategic Alignment, Access, & Execution

“Vation's extensive network, featuring hundreds of partners, was pivotal in swiftly aligning our value proposition with the partner community. Through strategic alignment and testing, we've not only validated our approach but also seen it flourish.”


  • This collaboration has generated a pipeline of double-digit opportunities within the last three months, with 10% of those opportunities now advancing to late stages.
  • Bloomfilter has been introduced to end-customers, solution partners, and private equity firms, creating significant opportunities for growth aligned to our ideal customer and partner profiles.
  • This collaboration has generated six-figures in qualified opportunities, and seven-figures in sales accepted leads for Bloomfilter.

Executive Relationships:

  • Vation’s Innovation Advisory Council sessions have been invaluable, providing Bloomfilter with direct access to key decision-makers across industries.

Cost Optimization & Financial Benefit

“The efficiency and effectiveness of Vation's approach have allowed us to reallocate fixed costs towards other strategic areas, enabling faster and more scalable growth.”

Channel-as-a-Service is a proven key driver in cost optimization for our clients, allowing them to repurpose fixed costs into strategic growth areas. This efficiency has accelerated scalability and market agility, showcasing the direct financial benefits of our streamlined channel strategy.

What's Next for Bloomfilter

Our partnership with Bloomfilter is successfully bringing their cutting-edge process observability platform to the forefront of the tech industry, leveraging Channel as a Service to connect with pivotal software consultancies, advisory firms, and resellers. Moving forward, we're focusing on expanding Bloomfilter's reach within the development and private equity sectors, refining our messaging to appeal to a broad tech audience, and ensuring our partnership continues to validate and identify the most synergistic channel partners for sustained growth.

Personal Testimonial

"I'm thoroughly impressed by the results we've achieved with the Vation team and am eager to share my personal experience. Partnering with Vation Ventures has not only accelerated our market presence but also provided us with a robust platform for sustainable growth. Their ability to connect us with a diverse and influential network has been a game-changer for our business. If you're considering expanding your channel program or seeking strategic market acceleration, I highly recommend Vation. I'm happy to discuss this further over a 15-minute call.” - Erik Severinghaus, Co-Founder | Co-CEO