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The 2024 Technology Executive CXO Outlook Report

Dive into the heart of tech innovation and leadership with our 2024 Technology Executive Outlook Report. This year, we've tapped into the collective wisdom of our Innovation Advisory Council, a group of technology visionaries and leaders, to bring you unparalleled insights into the evolving world of technology management.

Discover how today's CIOs, CTOs, CISOs, and senior VPs are steering their organizations through the complexities of modern tech, from healthcare to IT, manufacturing to finance.

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About the 2024 Technology Executive Outlook Report

Drive better decisions using insights from decision-makers

Transformation and disruption are happening in every industry. The 2024 Technology Executive Outlook Report can help you navigate the future with research and insights to drive better decisions, be more innovative, and stay ahead of the competition.

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Strategic Insights

Learn how top executives are mastering the art of balancing cost, innovation, and talent management to drive their organizations forward.

Automation & Modernization

Explore how industries are leveraging automation and modernizing infrastructure to stay ahead in a competitive landscape.

Talent Management Tactics

Gain insights into overcoming the skills gap, particularly in cutting-edge fields like artificial intelligence, and find out how companies are thriving post-Great Resignation.

Technology Trends

Unpack the role of AI, cybersecurity, and cloud services in driving business transformation and competitiveness.
primary business objectives organizations seek to address via emerging technologies

Technology-Driven Goals

Emerging technologies are at the forefront of strategic planning, with a significant emphasis on cost optimization (48%), enhancing operational efficiency (45%), and spearheading digital transformation initiatives (38%). This data reflects a holistic approach to leveraging tech for comprehensive organizational advancement.
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AI Maturity Insights

The landscape of AI maturity among executives reveals a diverse spectrum: 32% are at the awareness stage, contemplating the potential of AI; 30% are planning its integration; a notable 26% are actively implementing AI solutions. Yet, only 3% have achieved systemic deployment, indicating a significant runway for growth in AI adoption across sectors.
most impactful emerging technologies in the next few years from executives

Forward Looking Trajectory

Forecast analysis for 2024-2026 indicates a strategic pivot towards Artificial Intelligence (95%), with nearly all executives anticipating its significant impact on their industries. Cybersecurity and risk management follow at 53%, underscoring the critical need for secure digital environments. Automation remains a priority for 48%, signaling a continued focus on efficiency and productivity enhancements.

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AI Maturity & Organizational Impact

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Trends in Cost Management and Operational Efficiency

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Strategies for Organizational Growth and Efficiency

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Current Skills Landscape and Talent Strategies

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