Emerging Technology Spotlight: Observe.AI

Emerging Technology Spotlight: Observe.AI

As the workforce becomes more distributed, managers must adapt and learn how to successfully manage remote employees.

Emerging Technology Spotlight
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August 19, 2021

Emerging Technology Spotlight: Observe.AI

Managing contact centers and agents efficiently is already a feat; managing contact centers that are now distributed remotely adds complexities. Contact centers are a common discussion point at our Innovation Advisory Councils and Roundtable Sessions around the challenges the business faces in productivity and education of their workforce intending to provide end-customers the best experience possible. That's why we're excited to showcase Observe.AI who gives organizations a way to level-up their agents with contact center AI.

Observe.AI is a leader in Contact Center AI, transforming customer experiences and improving agent performance by helping top brands analyze 100% of calls and streamline quality assurance workflows. With Observe.AI, businesses transcribe every call with high accuracy and coach agents while gaining full visibility into their customer service operations.

Observe.AI brings the power of agent assistance, automatic speech recognition, and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to modern contact centers and their frontline teams. With Observe.AI contact center teams evaluate and coach across 5X more calls and drive measurable behavior change in areas like CSAT (up 5%), demonstration of empathy (up 37%), and adoption of mandatory compliance dialogues (up 15%).

Their technology allows you to analyze every call & interaction - enabling businesses to monitor a 30-minute call in just a few minutes,  and automatically surface the most important interactions to improve, such as compliance gaps, coaching opportunities, and displays of strong customer sentiment.

Taking the time to coach and motivate agents in call centers is an extensive task, Observe.AI empowers leadership to communicate with agents on how to improve their conversations by leaving personalized coaching tips right within the transcript. Boost transparency and morale by using data to help the agents who need it most quickly.

Leverage the power of AI to surface the most important calls and interactions for review and action. Automatically surface interactions to review. Dig deeper into areas like supervisor escalations, dead air, and hold time, learn what drives a positive or negative customer experience, and scale the best practices top agents use on calls.

Complete evaluations 5x faster and spend more time improving agents in a data-driven way. Boost transparency and minimize disputes by using AI-powered moments to show agents why they scored well, or where they can improve. Seamlessly share data and reports with other teams and proactively alert teams by flagging compliance breaches.

Turn agents into top performers by identifying opportunities to boost agent morale, improve productivity, and level-up soft skills. Surface each agent's top areas of improvement so you can tailor coaching conversations to their unique needs and leverage detailed agent reports to prepare for coaching sessions with minimal time and effort.

Interested in how Observe.AI could help level-up your contact center? Get in touch with us today.

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