Aman Khera

Aman Khera

VP, Global Head of Regulatory Strategy


Worldwide Clinical Trials

Aman Khera has earned her nickname: Rebel Regulator – she does not stay in her regulatory lane, an innovative drug and device development leader with over twenty four years' experience in Global Regulatory Affairs in the Pharma/Biotech industry.

She is an advisor, board member and mentor in industry. For years, she pushed back against the perceived role regulatory teams should play and continues to lobby to make it a strategic role within companies and the industry. Her track record for anticipating, considering and addressing the inevitable regulatory challenges has changed the way people think about regulatory processes and the way the regulatory lens is viewed.

A divergent thinker, she is an expert in providing a broad range of high level strategic regulatory services and consultancy to companies worldwide. Hold extensive experience in regulatory strategy, support and intelligence for all aspects of developing and maintaining products in the pharma/biotech industry., having worked with Regulatory Authorities all over the world as well as companies and people across the globe. By pushing the boundaries of where the regulator’s seat is, she has become a change agent throughout the industry. And her push to give regulatory teams a seat at the table from the beginning has resulted in fewer late-stage surprises, smoother trials and optimal outcomes for the development of new therapies.

A strong advocate for the importance of innovation, talent acquisition and talent retention. Committed individual to making the workplace a “Human” workplace. Passionate about the "people" aspect of the life sciences industry as well as strategic operations in building, engaging and retaining teams. Another frontier that she is conquering is diversity. In her view, justice, equity, diversity and inclusion go beyond issues of fairness; they are necessary parts of sound business and scientific practices, she is a committed champion for the industry.

With a deep foundation in regulatory affairs and the life sciences industry, Aman also looks into how strategy and innovation are intersecting within healthcare. She has taken a deep interest in how technological innovations will continue to disrupt the industry, but also how regulations, ethics and compliance will continue to have a loud voice at healthcare table while innovative transformations are occurring. She is a Data Privacy and Blockchain geek and continues to scan the horizon of regulatory and life sciences transformations across the globe.

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