Gail Evans

Gail Evans




Gail was named Mercer’s first Chief Digital Officer in June 2018 and is a member of the Executive Leadership team.  As Mercer’s CDO, she leads a dedicated team focused on driving and delivering Mercer’s digital transformation strategy, partnering with a variety of teams across Mercer.  

Prior to her CDO appointment, Gail was Mercer's Global Chief Information Officer, also as a part of the Executive Leadership team. In this role, she oversaw transformation and modernization of Mercer’s technology with an emphasis on innovation and security of Mercer’s data assets. She directed the development and implementation of MercerOS, a cloud-based digital ecosystem designed to enable secure collaboration, innovation, and program development. She also oversaw the implementation of Indigo Knowledge Fabric which enabled the use of big data and artificial intelligence for multiple use cases across Mercer. Other key contributions of hers have included the introduction of Agile 2.0 program development methodology and the technology oversight of MMC’s first robotics program.

Prior to joining Mercer in 2016, Gail held various positions throughout her career as Group Partner Program Manager, Microsoft working across Microsoft Business Groups, Product Engineering, and IT teams; Vice President and General Manager, Hewlett Packard; Technology Senior Vice President, Bank of America, and started her career at Eastman Kodak Company as a Technology Executive and as CIO of Consumer Digital leading digital transformations.

In recognition of these achievements and others, in May 2019, Gail was selected as a finalist for the MIT Sloan CIO Leadership Award and in November 2018, Gail was awarded the Phenom Award from the Digital Diversity Network which honors trailblazers in the digital media and technology sectors.  Additionally, Mercer Digital was recognized and named to the 2019 Digital Edge 50 for its innovation in digital transformation with Mercer Data Connector, a solution developed under Gail’s leadership.

Ms. Evans holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Nazareth College, an MBA from the Simon School of Business, University of Rochester, and most proudly an Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters from Nazareth College.

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