Meg Knauth

Meg Knauth

Vice President, IT Application Development and Production Support



Meg Knauth is the Vice President leading Product & Technology’s Billing & Technical Products Solutions team (BTPS).  In this role, Meg is responsible for modernization of the billing monoliths to a digital architecture, platform rationalization and customer conversions, and billing operations.  Meg joined T-Mobile through the merger with Sprint.  As a Sprint VP, she was responsible for application development and support for the following domains: billing, rating, pricing, mediation, customer care, IVR, call center services, big data and analytics, next best action, RPA/RDA, Blockchain, cognitive, machine learning, logistics, commissions, finance, HR, billing operations, order management, product catalog, Kafka, invoicing, IT problem/incident/change management, and the IT control center.

Meg is a change agent who leverages her consensus building, influence, and negotiation skills to enable her large, cross-functional team to be agile.  Ms. Knauth holds 4 patents for her creativity in solutioning.

Meg is no stranger to entrepreneurship.  Starting with Sprint PCS in 1997 before they had customers, her mission statement was no surprises, no boundaries, no excuses.  Meg continues to live that mantra launching profitable startup businesses of her own in parallel with her career at Sprint.  Prior to joining Sprint, Meg deployed pharmacy and radiology systems for Cerner Corporation.

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